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Companies in Asia, whether locally grown or an arm of a global/regional business, often need to work out a different way to do things, as compared to equivalent businesses in other parts of the world. Somehow things just work differently, and I have to admit that I find it hard to put my finger on why, but there is something different.

This can be a struggle for practitioners in other parts of the world to understand. So often, even the largest most experienced vendors present Case Studies and gave examples which fit only with the Western contexts of culture, working practices and expectations without even any commentary on how these would relate to the Asian workplace.

My aim is always to find/select companies which NOT ONLY have great products with proven ROI, they ALSO have local, applied knowledge, local language as necessary, local clients, case studies and experience – a cutting edge solution explained with an Asian slant. Take it slower, get to know you better and be the interface to the source provider. In short, to demonstrate some understanding for the unique dynamics, some gauge for capacity and pace of change.

Secondly to find ways to provide the right information on developments and cases that are applicable to the Asian context – these being recorded in the blog, with supporting documents or research papers posted on the site under the applicable business tool or service.

From Business Intelligence to Production Planning, Behavioral Marketing and IT Benchmarking, Bright Tiger works with Tools and Brands that can add value to your business in Asia.

World class tools combined with local knowledge.

Success in Asia

Asia has been progreNikkeiAsianReview_SEAgrowth_1404ssing slowly and surely, seeing now the opportunity of ‘an Asian Century’. However local clients remain ever-cautious, as is the culture – seek first to be understood, then to understand (what’s on offer). Vendors keen to sell in quick time are frustrated by a business scene that waits to see if you fail before they may decide to take a step forward!

Visionary and ambitious local and regional businesses are emerging, keen to grow substantially in-country with an eye on opportunities to grow overseas, within Asia or even further afield – they know that they have to upgrade their Processes, Tools and People. Sheer scale dictates that you lose control if you don’t adopt sleeker, more nimble structures and invest in appropriate, flexible tools – if you survive this, then you will be up against a smarter, better organised competition, so whatever investment you make now is the beginning of a process.

On the other hand, the Asian offices of larger businesses are getting more attention from HQ, the business levels are rising and expectations are high for them to ‘handle it’ – sometimes without any of the systems they have back at HQ, maybe because those tools don’t fit the situation. They need something else, something flexible.

The idea is not to attack a nut with a sledgehammer, but to assist in providing the tools, information and insight that will get you through the immediate growth phase and on to the next.

Tools that are appropriate now and will grow with you flexibly.

Why Bright Tiger?

Bright Tiger is Emma Boyd, a business development professional with nearly a decade of experience in Asia, working for businesses ranging from small to multi-national including 2 of the Big 4 consultancies. My customers have been from the biggest banks to collaborations with local enterprise, across a huEmma Boyd, Bright Tiger Asiage variety of industries from financial services to electronics, property to start-up.

My passion is discovering and resolving issues – when I reach out I want to know your challenges, how issues are felt by you and across the organisation, and what has been attempted to solve them, in short, why do you think you have a problem and what do you think it is. Once these things are understood we can look at the solutions I have available and see if they are, literally, the right tool for the job – they may be, they may not be. In discussion I am as diligent in highlighting limitations as I am in pressing on the benefits; in delivery I am as passionate about coming through on promises made as I am keeping you informed and in the loop.

One crucial difference is that I am not an employee of the vendors I represent, I don’t have to push the product, I can find you another. Crucially I have usually chosen to work with them because their company had integrity as well as an award-winning product.

Services are all about trust and I work to be worthy of yours.

Solving Problems through Understanding, Creating Solutions that Fit!

Software tools and service delivery currently represented by Bright Tiger:

  • Qlik/Qlikview technology delivered by Greencube – Business Intelligence >> Management Reporting >> Big Data Analytics >> Self-service data Discovery
  • Marketing Intelligence > using Big Data to locate your best, most approachable clients > locating the best physical location for your shop, advert or transmitters
  • Predicting system failure > using all data sources at your disposal, understand your biggest risks right up to the failure of technological infrastructure
  • Operational Risk Management > coming soon…
  • Demand Solutions, Planet Together technology delivered by Demand Solutions Asia – Demand management/demand forecasting, Sales & Operations Planning, Production planning, Factory scheduling
  • Collatebox technology delivered by Greencube
  • TSG technology – benchmarking of IT costs against live outsourced data, Service catalog design, product bundling
GreenCubeGlobal_Qlikview for Hospitality, Agri & FMCG
Demand Solutions Asia - Sales & Operations Planning, Advanced scheduling & Planning, Requirements Planning
Data science by experienced data scientists

Data science by experienced data scientists

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