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oh gosh, it’s always me – is it you too? ;+)


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Discipline or Confidence?


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Are you a Perfectionist?

Don’t be! …the effort expended is massive with the likelihood that few will notice (or appreciate) it

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Are you Important?


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No Box


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So there’s no ‘I’ in Team?

In my experience, usually the one who says ‘There’s no ‘I’ in Team…’

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‘We don’t need such systems at present!” – if not now, when?

This is an interesting short post from PlanetTogether, which has developed top-notch Advanced Planning Software in the US & available in Asia – I was interested because it handles one of the objections I hear most often from companies in Asia – ‘We don’t need this yet.’

The danger they predict is that the signs won’t […]

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Are you having Fun yet?


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Essar Steel uses analytics to drive multiple productivity improvements

Very interesting interview making a number of key points if you are interested in making your business data-driven:

– the journey begins with CXO sponsorship & needs their ongoing support

– business is driving the adoption, IT is the enabler

– data links to performance – an online ‘scorecard’ shows individual performance; what used to be hidden in […]

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In Data as in anything, when you’re Smart, ‘S’ is for Strategy

With Big Data, as with anything, your thinking should start with Strategy – what question are you trying to answer or what outcome are you looking to achieve?

These days speed is overemphasised, making it too tempting to rush ahead to choose a tool & ‘implement something.’ Activity can only bear fruit if you make the […]

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