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Essar Steel uses analytics to drive multiple productivity improvements

Very interesting interview making a number of key points if you are interested in making your business data-driven:

– the journey begins with CXO sponsorship & needs their ongoing support

– business is driving the adoption, IT is the enabler

– data links to performance – an online ‘scorecard’ shows individual performance; what used to be hidden in […]

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In Data as in anything, when you’re Smart, ‘S’ is for Strategy

With Big Data, as with anything, your thinking should start with Strategy – what question are you trying to answer or what outcome are you looking to achieve?

These days speed is overemphasised, making it too tempting to rush ahead to choose a tool & ‘implement something.’ Activity can only bear fruit if you make the […]

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Interested in entrprise-wide BI but want to understand the market? Here’s the report!

2015 Score Report – vendor reviews for enterprise-wide BI from BARC

“the inaugural version of our new vendor evaluation and ranking methodology, named Score. We selected the business intelligence platform market for the premiere. Based on countless data points from The BI Survey and many analyst interactions, vendors are rated on a variety of criteria, from […]

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“Our data has to be perfect!” – real objection or procrastination?

“Our Data Has To Be Perfect.” No, It Doesn’t.
A timely reminder from Qlik’s James Richardson that your data has to start somewhere – the answer is to start with what you have & work for improvement.

This applies, of course, to any tools requiring data, not just Management Information.

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What can Big Data Do for you?

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Examining your Metrics – Length of Stay as a KPI in Healthcare, what it means & how to visualize it

“What do the numbers 3.53, 17.6 and 4 all have in common?

They are completely useless when displayed by themselves because have no context.”

There is much talk these days about the skills of data scientists & whether you need them. Here as some interested musings from a data scientist in the healthcare field – an fascinating […]

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Case Notes – MetLife increases profit on the back of ‘Management Information’ based on a handful of key KPIs

It’s amazing how the act of looking at data starts a chain reaction to truly understand what you are measuring, sharing and focusing on as a business and as a team.

Additional learns for MetLife were that Less remains More as the Business project leaders decided to report on a closely-selected group of key metrics – […]

Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing – the Talk turns to Action?

The news is that the demands of the biggest, most innovative companies is driving the addition of sensors into every conceivable device, machine and process. These sensors will then report every detail of mechanical (& human?) performance to prevent breakdowns & optimize process flow.

In Asian manufacturing however, let’s not forget that the majority of operations […]

Using Qlik – real client in Healthcare

Always a fan of real-client feedback, this short interview interview highlights how Qlik is being used in a large Healthcare business.
BI Architect for Northeast Georgia Health System Dalton Ruer explains the data he looks at using Qlik and the benefits he sees for Healthcare professionals
Q: Are there any absolutes when it comes to the use […]

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Data rich, Information poor: are you missing the low-hanging fruit?

Even big clients can squeeze out additional financial benefit from the everyday management of their financial relationships with customers.

Most companies are Data Rich & Information Poor, that’s the Big Data conundrum. Deriving insight from information isn’t as hard as it might seem – there are some amazingly obvious data points that can be managed more […]

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