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Qlik (formerly Qlikview) is one of the foremost and fastest-growing businessGreenCubeGlobal_Qlikview for Hospitality, Agri & FMCG intelligence platforms around the globe today.
Greencube Global is one of Qlik’s Premier partners in Asia, the only Asian partner to be Awarded for their client delivery, and Preferred for several industry verticals where they have delivered in large projects for important Qlik clients.
Qlik_logo_cQlik technology can do many things, anything to do with collating data – their unique IP is to ‘suck out’ the specific information you need from the most accurate/reliable source and display them within a online tool tailored to your industry and kpi’s, where the user can drill down and investigate any figure or aspect of their business.

Available to multiple users on a near real-time basis, complete with data visualisation tools and mobile data access, you have One Version of the Truth at your fingertips, and at the fingertips of all management levels of your business.

This approach has been proven to enable the curious data-analysts among your managers to start putting this knowledge into context and driving out insight. Insight on what’s working and what’s not, where are the best practices, where are the gaps and where are the low-hanging opportunities to you to make more or save more.

Ever on the lookout for independent research to back up the case that this investment will provide you a return in many different ways, the blog brings you articles, Case Studies and White Papers. These documents will be added to the Blog and attached below for easy future reference.
1. What is Qlik?
Qlik is the name of the company with a unique Intellectual Property / software that can ‘suck out’ exactly the data items you need for your management reporting from across all of your internal systems or data sources, old, new, legacy, even excel. No need for a data warehouse, no need to ‘cleanse’ the data, just focus on locating the best source for the individual data points & forget the rest.
Having gathered the figures, the technology has built in presentation/visualization tools to preset the data to the viewer in an intuitively understandable way.

2. What makes Qlik unique?
If the above seems like common sense to you, you will be interested to know that the founders of Qlik thought the same back in 1993 when they started to work on developing a tool to improve the accuracy & timeliness of management reporting. You may then be surprised to know that 20+ years later there are still only a tiny number of tools in the world that can achieve this – it’s clearly not an easy task & Qlik did it! Nowadays they are building out the functionality for an even more flexible user experience, both as a business user & a software developer/template designer. Qlik is the fastest-growing data management reporting/business intelligence in the world today.

3. Has Qlik been around long?
Qlik has been in the Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant’ for the last 5+ years which shows how established it is as a contender in the fastest-moving most innovative space in the technology field today.

The amazing thing is that the Qlik founders started researching & building technology for better management reporting as far back as 1993. After an amazing growth story Qlik went public in 2010, the same year they achieved recognition by Gartner.

4. Who are Qlik’s competition?
Breaking into the market was the hardest part, up against the mega-vendors in the IT field  – Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft. Back in those days technology was the domain of the technical IT staff who did not welcome the new niche Business-centric vendors, giving power to the User.

Interestingly it has been realized that a dichotomy exists between Business & IT. Technical IT leads often favour the mega-vendors they have worked with in over many years. In fact many of the BI tools bundled by the mega-vendors are often far from ideal (see Case Study for Godrej) – but then how would IT know when they can’t truly decifer the business issues?

Business users on the other hand by far prefer smaller, newer, more nimble systems that enable them to discover the data for themselves, to self-serve & cut the need to make requests of Finance or IT at all. The results are faster, more accurate & more up-to-date.

If you haven’t heard of Qlik til now maybe you weren’t in the market before & now you’re doing your research – we’re a specialist in Data Discovery/Business Intelligence. Maybe the people who may have guided you in the past have directed you to the mega-vendors. Qlik has been around & growing satisfied, loyal clients for over 20 years. If you like Qlik, please do tell your colleagues & business contacts so they can say they’ve heard of it.

Of course, there are also smaller competitors – see Gartner’s reports for more information. Any questions, please do ask.

5. Is this Big Data?
The Big Data question is how do companies store, manage & get insights from the massive amounts of data being generated in the modern world. Qlik is a means to interrogate the data you have, make sense of it & leverage it for better Business decisions.

6. Can Qlik improve the timeliness of our Board reports?
Today I met the country CFO of a multi-national company who is frustrated that his data, by the time it is received by his management, represents a 6-week time-lag on ground-level sales activity. Currently they supply weekly Sales reports & monthly management reports. Qlik updates records every day & will enable him to present all data up-to-date daily from the early hours of every morning. Currently even the daily sales figures updated to the previous day are not available til lunchtime – now they will be there when the CEO logs in at 7am.

7. Are the reports available on my mobile device?
Yes – not the full deck due to layout constraints, but key data can be ported via an App to selected users on phones/tablets to your requirements.

8. Will implementing Qlik mean massive disruption to the business?
No – Qlik does not alter your base systems in any way so the bulk of your users will not be affected. IT will have some work to do, management may be involved in some sharing sessions to help with the design, sometimes the users want training/support, but many implementations feel that they do not need training as the design is user-friendly & intuitive. Typical project duration is 2-6 months only.

9. Will I need to build a Data Warehouse in order to make use of Qlik?
No – Qlik gathers the data, no need for a separate warehouse.

10. We already have a Data Warehouse does it still make sense to use Qlik?
Yes – a Data Warehouse takes time, effort & money to keep running, so depending on what stage of development it is at & what level of data integrity is demonstrated we can cut implementation time by just looking in the warehouse for the numbers we need. If the warehouse requires a lot of work, then unless it serves another purpose you may consider setting it aside & just using the Qlik server to house all the data you need for the reports.

11. What does it mean that the technology is ‘in memory’?
In the past when you were looking for data, the system would go back to the source to find the answer – this takes time & can hold up the transaction system as it’s then trying to do more things at the same time.

With Qlik all the data is held in the local server so any information you are asking for does not hold up the source systems & is delivered to you more quickly.

The market is now realizing that ‘in-memory’ has a definite usability benefit.

12. How much time will this take for my internal IT to implement Qlik?
Qlik is usually a project lead by the Operational side of the Business – as such IT has a part to play, but the project is not about the technology, it’s about the data the business needs to take better, more informed decisions, usually in the form of the business kpi’s.

The help we need from IT is advice on what form certain systems like to present data, so Qlik will be able to receive it.

13. Could my IT do it themselves?
Yes – of course there is a learning curve both to the technology & to the design of user-friendly front-end portals, however if you believe that you or your IT department have the skills, the license will allow you work on a DIY basis.

We usually find that the Business wants a quicker implementation, however, & we recommend that your IT might shadow what we are doing so over time your IT can look after the routine maintenance. On the other hand your IT, though often keen to reduce the headline cost, often is already over-worked & is not best-placed to take on such an additional task.

14. How does Qlik compare to Tableau?
Tableau is Qlik without the in-memory technology housed in the Qlik server. Tableau is also in Gartner’s top picks for Business Intelligence, however the focus of their technology is really the visualisation side – if the Business doesn’t have the data, Tableau can’t help you, but with Qlik, we can create a data source for any data you want even by creating a specific Excel spreadsheet to house it, our agility makes up for whatever shortcomings your current transaction systems have.

Hence you will see that price-wise Tableau is quoted as cheaper, however it only offers half the package (less, depending on how you see it).

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Updated Dashboard screen enabling a huge variety of visualization tools. All numbers, diagrams & graphs can be clicked to drill-down to the next level of detail.

Updated Dashboard screen enabling a huge variety of visualization tools. All numbers, diagrams & graphs can be clicked to drill-down to the next level of detail.