Social Brand Affinity – Targeting your clients, market-by-market

Kruxonomy : analysing Big Data, finding the answers

Kruxonomy : analysing Big Data, finding the answers

In a world now chock-full of ‘Content’, we need to revisit the basics of Targeting – the Content may be great but the wrong people are seeing it, or the Content is poor because it doesn’t fit the real intended targets. If you knew that your best clients read the watch BBC not Channel News Asia or even CNN, you’d change your tone and delivery. Now you can know that for sure. And it goes beyond this factual insights, to preferences in music, gadgets, holidays, clothing, hobbies…

The Kruxonomy Social Brand Affinity tool analyses massive amounts of localised search data and uses algorithms to locate behavioural patterns. The tool incorporates both online search and offline geo-spacial tracking so you can now see the destinations where people in your target categories go in the evenings, on the weekend or on their holidays!

80 percent of data is unstructured

 Since most of the world’s data is spread randomly across multiple sources and devices, the ability to make sense of unstructured data will mark out the next generation of data analyses tools – Kruxonomy is at the forefront of this new paradigm.

If the data is searched for online, or trackable offline then the software will use it in it’s calculations to analyse and predict the behaviour of a given demographic or target market.

What uses can this information be put to?

  • more accurate customer demographics – who are your current best customers and which other sectors might be attractive for you
  • looking at customers country by country, market by market, sector by sector – the same promotion may not be applicable (successful) across all of the asian markets
  • what devices do your target market have – are they mobile/app-friendly, or more desktop based?
  • the direction for future advertising or branding campaigns – where do they go, what are they watching, what formats appeal
  • the choice of brand ambassadors – should they be from the world of sports or movies?
  • immediate feedback of the perception of the brand currently
  • gaps and opportunities in your approach
  • equally applicable B2B or B2C

Through their unique analysis Kruxonomy produces predictive results on what your best clients watch, read, eat, what services they buy, what life stage they are at, what vocabulary/words mean most to them, what destinations they travel to and what promotions attract them.

Once you can see exactly what people are actually doing based on their instinctive reactions and behaviours as they browse the web, you will set aside Market Research and asking people for their opinions. I found the attached quote from the late Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey very insightful:

The mirror of Ford's faster horse - customers only imagine a continuation of today

The mirror of Ford’s faster horse – customers only imagine a continuation of today

Use Data Science and you’ll have insights you can rely on – you may discover that your current customers are a complex group, based on facts not opinions.

The manual method

Using technology to make the connections based on massive data sets

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