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Sometimes it seems that the skills of a good salesperson are under-appreciated, and in this age of ‘Social Selling’ are they even needed any more?

Anyone who has spent time with customers knows that they are. Perhaps even more so – with all the fast-moving data, articles, images and events, customers are still only able to understand themselves and their issues through dialogue. This dialogue may be internal, however it is often the canny salesperson who invigorates and directs it through pertinent questioning, challenging assumptions, driving communication and pushing decisions.

Is Selling different in Asia?

In many ways, not at all, but I have noticed 3 points of difference.

  1. Aim higher – decision-makers sit much higher up the company than you may be used to. These people are harder to get to, and because they are involved in so many discussions, much busier than they should be.
  2. Pitching before understanding – because the decision-maker may have a feeling there’s an issue there, they may not have had enough time to think about it in much depth so they will ask for a presentation at the start, contravening the rule ‘Seek first to Understand’ (Then to be Understood, Stephen Covey).
  3. Taking the decision – often takes longer and is governed by a mysteriously non-transparent process.Sales_areas-for-improvement

The areas for development, I think, change very little in their definition – for these I’d agree with the 6 areas highlighted in the bar chart rom the US – and it’s clear that several of these do cross the 3 points of difference. Assertiveness is a big problem for locals, and patience is a big problem for those from outside.

But the time spent in front of the client consists of the same skills – preparation, presentation, active listening, questioning, closing, follow through. Know you need to get the answers to certain questions to move the process forward in a fully aware, determined way, however long it may take. In Asia, you still need the preparation so you can use the opportunities as they arise. It’s certainly not a random process – the sales person must have some level of control.

Success_plan_practiceNot just a Sales Trainer

In fact I have been a Sales Trainer, but only after I was a successful salesperson. My passion is for uncovering issues and working to resolve them – this is true with my clients and doubly true when coaching salespeople who have clients to service as we need to align both. My business is Selling and as a still-active, frontline salesperson and business developer, I can offer insights and hands-on advice that those who have only ever trained in a classroom cannot.


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With the methodologies and personal support of long-established sales expert and author Kurt Newman of Sales Consultants (Australia), Bright Tiger brings a uniquely insightful proposition to Asia to improve the Sales performance in your company.

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