Spreadsheets-in-the-Cloud – when you need a nimble workflow solution

Logo_CollateboxIf your systems don’t quite join, or you don’t have any systems…

If what you’re trying to do seems like it should be easy enough but somehow no solution fits without getting really complicated…

If you need to need to share information and activity around your team or between multiple sites so everyone knows what’s going on…

If you want to make sure you have the same data, in the same format always

If you want your staff to follow a procedure & ensure things get done…

Collatebox can do it!

The spreadsheets are update-able and content can be shared between as many parties as you wish. We can create a permissions hierarchy so only certain users can update and the viewing of certain data is shown only to those you want to see it.

As with all SaaS products, security is paramount and the newest, top technologies have been employed to make sure that all information you put in the Cloud is unreachable except by you.

Example: a global food manufacturer has an Asia hub to co-ordinate all the Asian foodstuffs their clients are demanding – 100 products lines & over 400 SKUs. Business units from all over the world place their orders by fax and the local team splits these into orders across 40+ suppliers spread over the breadth of the region.

The local hub then needs to chase the vendors to make sure that the orders are dispatched/received on time, with deliveries confirmed.

Currently all of this is controlled by use of spreadsheets subject to double/triple entry of data and without any ability to monitor access. Certainly no ability for management to keep track of orders approaching a red flag or become aware of persistent errors or cancellations.

By using Collatebox we were able to create a joined-up process, where the global hubs could place their orders by hitting the print button & the details are transferred automatically into the ‘spreadsheet’. When the hub staff view the order it is confirmed received. Each customer order can be split into multiple orders across different vendors and again all the details are automatically transferred from the master order to the vendor PO. Each vendor can pick up their orders via their own portal login – once they view it, it is reported as received. Once dispatched the vendor can mark up the order via the system to HQ knows it is underway. Flags are raised as deadlines approach.

Finally, to enable management monitoring, we overlaid the Collatebox spreadsheets with Qlik, so now the management know their best and laggard vendors, the most in-demand products and the ones lying in the warehouse as well as overall volumes split according to geographies, customers, vendors as well as products line, down to SKU level.

Want to try?

Bepoke Collatebox workflows for business are available as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), ie. there are no licences to buy. We develop the spreadsheet content and the portals to access them, and the cost of the development is all included in a monthly cost.

Or, if you are a technical type of person, you can buy a licence and go for it DIY.

Two of the Founders of Collatebox talk you through the Collatebox concept and how it works